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GZS 047: How Can You Market Beyond Ambitions? with Kelly Baader

Kelly Baader 3 (2)

Kelly Baader is an Author, International Speaker, Personal Coach and Marketing Trainer, and the Host of Godly M.B.A. podcast.

Paul and Kelly discuss her touching book A Little Girl Called Grace models for you how to take risks and break free from all the self-imposed limits and bondages.

Kelly’s passion is to help you thrive in the marketplace by bringing you content and resources that inspires you to connect with God’s unique purpose and help you earn more, serve more, and give more.   … read more show notes.

GZS 046: Linkedin to Earn More & Help Others Know God with John Nemo

John NemoJohn Nemo is author, podcaster, keynote speaker, sales, marketing, and personal branding trainer, and internationally well-known Linkedin guru.

Paul and John discuss his life in Christ and his powerful and free Linkedin Riches book and work among his other resources.   This will help you earn more, magnify your network, and lead others to God.… read more show notes.

GZS 045:  American Hero … American Wife with Taya Kyle

Taya Kyle (3)Taya Kyle is an internationally known author, speaker, media commentator, and family advocate.

Paul and Taya discuss her life as the widow of Navy Seal war hero Chris Kyle – known from the famous book and film American Sniper. Taya has given us her own heroic story in the encouraging book American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal.

With Her passionate work as founder of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, as a national speaker and as a Fox News contributor, Taya brings to you a motivating message of service, Godly values, courage, healing, and renewal.       … read more show notes.

GZS 044: Sheila Johnson – 3 Steps to Love Extravagantly

Sheila 2 (2)Sheila Newman Johnson business woman, ministry leader, and our very own God Zone Show shofar lady and Paul’s wife.

Paul and Sheila discuss her 3 steps to revive in your life this year.

This will help you love extravagantly with purpose.… read more show notes.

GZS 043: John C. Morgan –  How Do You Wage War on Fear?

John Morgan (2)John C. Morgan is an author, inspirational speaker, and a world class performer.

Beginning in the early 2000’s, John began what turned out to be an explosively fabulous career as a George W. Bush impersonator.

Paul and John discuss John’s new book  War on Fear that help us all move ahead with our dreams and gain victory over fear and he does this from the trenches of his own personal experiences and Godly reflections.  … read more show notes.

GZS 042: Cathryn Buse – 3 Pillars to Increase Success Defending Christian Beliefs

Cathryn Buse (2)Cathryn Buse is blogger, author, rocket engineer, speaker, and trainer.

Paul and Cathryn discuss Cathryn’s passion to challenge and train you to learn the answers to the essential and tough questions of faith in the God of the Bible.

Her book Teaching Others to Defend Christianity: What Every Christian Should Know helps you boldly defend your belief to others and in turn help them discover, know, like, and then trust to put their faith in Jesus Christ.   This book is laid out in what Paul calls the 3 pillars of Christian apologetics.
… read more show notes.

GZS 041: Scott Perkins – How to Avoid the Lies that Damage Your Identify in God

Scott Perkins (2)Paul and Scott discuss Scott’s own story of personal failure and burnout as a pastor of fast growing church and his book Tree of Lies that explores the lies that feed your false sense of self.

Scott’s work helps you gain perspective on your identity in Christ so you can experience transformation in your decisions, behavior, and relationships, and live in freedom.
… read more show notes.


Episode # ___________________Title ____________________ Date Published
GZS 047How Can You Market Beyond Ambitions? with Kelly BaaderMarch 23, 2017
GZS 046Linkedin to Earn More & Help Others Know God with John NemoMarch 17, 2017
GZS 045American Hero … American Wife with Taya KyleMarch 10, 2017
GZS 044Sheila Johnson – 3 Steps to Love ExtravagantlyMarch 4, 2017
GZS 043John C. Morgan – How Do You Wage War on Fear?February 17, 2017
GZS 042Cathryn Buse – 3 Pillars to Increase Success Defending Christian BeliefsFebruary 10, 2017
GZS 041Scott Perkins – How to Avoid the Lies that Damage Your Identify in GodFebruary 4, 2017
GZS 040Marsha Barth – How to Journey from Victim to Victor & BeyondJanuary 26, 2017
GZS 039Alan Fadling – How to have an Unhurried Life to Rest Deeper, Live Fuller, & Lead BetterJanuary 19, 2017
GZS 038John Hawkins – Go Big! Here is Your Green Light for 2017 January 12, 2017
GZS 037 8 Ways to Greater Success with Your 2017 Goals January 5, 2017
GZS 036 Joel Boggess – How to Find Your God Inspired Voice in 2017 December 29, 2016
GZS 035 Aaron Matthew – How to Lead Others to Find God in Worship December 21, 2016
GZS 034 Dolly M. Lee – How to Receive 7 Days of Care for Your Soul December 15, 2016
GZS 033 Tim Olson – How Forgiveness Can Be Your Key to a New Life December 8, 2016
GZS 032 Jan Johnson – How You Can Have Greater Intimacy with God November 28, 2016
GZS 031 Dr. Phil Carson – How to Live a Healthier & Happier Life November 23, 2016
GZS 030 Natasha Crain – How to Keep Your Kids on God’s Side November 16, 2016
GZS 029 Mike Kim – How to Pivot and Leave Your Mark on the WorldNovember 8, 2016
GZS 028 Jon Collins - Fascinating Stories that Lead You to GodNovember 1, 2016
GZS 027 Guthrie Chamberlain - Your Blueprint for Successful LivingOctober 17, 2016
GZS 026 J Warner Wallace - Cold Case ChristianitySeptember 25, 2016
GZS02510 Ways to Stop Missing Opportunities From God September 7, 2016
GZS 024 Brian Holmes – Be Healed ... Be Transformed August 18, 2016
GZS 023Richard Blackaby – Experiencing God vs Knowing About God August 3, 2016
GZS 022 Aaron Walker - Steps to Improve Your Success and Significance July 20, 2016
GZS 021 Julie Castro – How Can You Live on Earth as in Heaven? July 12, 2016
GZS 020 Jim Hughes – How Can You C Through Marriage? July 4, 2016
GZS 019 Marie Teilhard – Finding God…Purpose in Art June 27, 2016
GZS 018 Q&A - How Can I Live with Inspired Purpose? June 23, 2016
GZS 017Mitzi Clair - God Declares...You Ask, I Answer June 20, 2016
GZS 016 Q&A - Does God Answer Every Prayer? June 16, 2016
GZS 015Charles J. Washington Jr. - God is Bigger than a Game! June 13, 2016
GZS 014 Q&A - Who is the Forgotten God? June 9, 2016
GZS 013 Joyce “J” Ruiz - Love Hard…Find Purpose June 6, 2016
GZS 012 Q&A - How Can I Receive Amazing Wisdom? June 2, 2016
GZS 011 Abdu Murray - From Islam to Christ & the Grand Central Question May 30, 2016
GZS 010 Q&A - 5 Steps to Stay Fresh with God's Daily Plan May 26, 2016
GZS 009 Jeff Newman - Ready, Fire, Aim May 23, 2016
GZS 008 Q&A - Tell the Miraculous May 19, 2016
GZS 007 Fuz Rana - Finding God in the Lab May 16, 2016
GZS 006 Q&A - How Does Science Point to God? May 12, 2016
GZS 005 Jennifer LeClaire - The Next Great Move of God May 9, 2016
GZS 004 Q&A - How Can You Live as Jesus Did? May 5, 2016
GZS 003 Sean McDowell - The Beauty of Intolerance May 2, 2016
GZS 002 Q&A - How can I introduce God to my grandchild? April 25, 2016
GZS 001 Bob Brooks - Successful “Asking” and Making Declarations April 25, 2016
GZS 000 The God Zone Show Introduction April 25, 2016


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