Charles Washington 2Charles J. Washington a former highly competitive athlete at the high school, college and at the professional level, he is a conference speaker, entrepreneur, pastor of Regeneration Temple in Raleigh NC, and author of the book God is Bigger than a Game. Charles’ passion is the message that God has a plan for you and Charles applies this to those who develop in a life filled with athletic endeavors and who need to pivot into a life of God’s greater purposes.

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Conversation with Charles J Washington Jr.

        Key Points Discussed

  • How strongholds that athletics and other life games prevent you for knowing and following God’s plan for your life.
  • What to do about these dangerous strongholds.
  • How to leave everything you know in order to trust God.

Resources Mentioned   (Click title links to see on Amazon)

God is Bigger than a Game!  by Charles J. Washington Jr.

Charles Recommends Books

Leadership Excellence: The Seven Sides of Leadership for the 21st Century by  Pat Williams

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