Sheila 2 (2)Sheila Newman Johnson business woman, ministry leader, and our very own God Zone Show shofar lady and Paul’s wife.

Paul and Sheila discuss her 3 steps to revive in your life this year.

This will help you love extravagantly with purpose.

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Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call-to-Action – Tip of the Day  

Here is Paul’s call to action for today  – Live by the Instruments

  • They are – Faith, Trust, Belief, annd Confidence in, and Authority from God
  • Look for God’s Voice, Power, and Opportunities

Conversation with Sheila Johnson

Key Points Discussed:

3 Steps to Love Extravagantly   

 1. Live Your Life on Purpose

  • Choose to forgive
  • Chose to be kind

2. Get Out of Self-pity

  • Be other focused
  • Love others as ourselves
  • Help the needy and those around you
  • Love extravagantly – God’s love required

3. Hang Out with Jesus

  • His Word, His Voice, His Presence
  • Talk to Him


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Amazing Love


Amazing Love: True Stories of the Power of Forgiveness  by Corrie Ten Boom



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