Dr. Michael Hudson is an author, podcaster, speaker, teacher, & communications trainer & coach.

Michael’s passion can be experienced in his Get Your Message Heard podcast and in his book, Public Speaker Secrets.

This will help you identify and overcome the obstacles that hold you back from strategically communicating your unique message so you will have a greater impact on the world. An impact only you can deliver. Wow!  Can’t we all use that?

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 Conversation with Michael Hudson

Amazing Snippets of Wisdom from Michael:

Meditate on these Guest Quotes to see the useful wisdom that might come from God’s voice and resonate with your heart and be implemented today on your journey.

  1. I think leaders have to learn how to communicate better. I think too many are held back and so my core passion is about “what’s in your way?” What’s making you not step of sharing the message you need to share with the person that needs to hear it? I think this framework – design it, develop it, and deliver it is the path that helps you get past that.
  2. When you speak it’s never about you. When you can learn to make your speaking about the people you are speaking to and never about you, you take your speaking to a whole new level. Whether it’s a one on one, whether it’s at a party, whether it’s at a friends a family dinner or whether you’re in front of a room or it’s in a church delivering a sermon, the focus always has to be about the audience and the outcome you are trying to create for them. When you are doing that, the nerves disappear.
  3. I’m going to suggest step one is one people don’t like the question but open your mind and hear it – If I wasn’t already doing “X,” would I start? Now the first place that ought to be used to get ready for 2018 is to say – What are the things on my “to do” list that have not been done in 2017? Would I put them on that list today? If the answer is “no,” give yourself permission not to do them.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The importance of daily gratitude journal
  •      What did you learn yesterday?
  •      What are you grateful for today?
  •      What do you want? (with a view of years down the line)
  •      What are you going to accomplish today?
  • Michal’s career journey to helping us communicate better
  • Discussion of some of the 52 secrets of impactful communication
  • Information overload when speaking
  • Strategic steps to take for greater impact in 2018
  • Michael’s 4 free available resources

Epiphany or Miracle Story:   

  • Michael’s vision and voice heard instructing him to tell a story that changed his path.

Take-Away Wisdom that leads to action today:

  • Ask yourself what do I want this audience (or person) to do as a result of hearing me speak.  This will help you create greater impact.


Public Speaking Secrets: 52 Proven Ways to Increase Your Impact Every Time You Speak by Dr. Michael A. Hudson  192 p book

52 Speaking Secrets: Increase Your Impact Immediately by Michael Hudson – free ebook

3 Step Roadmap to Start, Run, and Grow Your Speaking Business from Scratch by Michael Hudson – free ebook

 Message Makeover – complimentary 15 minute consultation with Michael Hudson

Get Your Message Heard podcast


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