GZS 069: How to Craft Your Story to a Powerful Life – with Stacy Brookman

 Stacy Brookman is a podcaster, trainer, entrepreneur, writer, and leadership coach. Paul and Stacy discuss Stacy’s passion to help bring healing and recovery to us all who have been through rough times and can benefit from reflecting on and writing our life story....
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GZS 068: How to Succeed with Your 2018 High Purpose – with Kevin Monroe

Kevin Monroe is a leadership consultant and coach, podcaster, & keynote speaker. Paul and Kevin’s discuss Kevin’s passion which can be experienced in his Higher Purpose podcast as he takes deep dive conversations into the subject finding practical, enjoyable, and...
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GZS 067: Ways to Maximize Your Influence in 2018 – with Jevonnah Ellison

Jevonnah Ellison is a motivational speaker, author, trainer & coach Paul and Jenvonnah, or Lady J and she is often known, discuss her passion for guiding people in finding and living out their authentic purpose and glorifying God in that quest. This will help you...
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GZS 066: In 2018, You Really Don’t Need God? – with Sheila Johnson

Sheila Newman Johnson business woman, ministry leader, and our very own God Zone Show shofar lady and Paul’s wife. Paul and Sheila discuss Paul’s recent encounter with someone who said he doesn’t need God and  what that means. This will help you develop effective...
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GZS 065: How to Communicate Your Unique Message in 2018 – with Michael Hudson

Dr. Michael Hudson is an author, podcaster, speaker, teacher, & communications trainer & coach. Michael’s passion can be experienced in his Get Your Message Heard podcast and in his book, Public Speaker Secrets. This will help you identify and overcome the...
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GZS 064: Your Daily Small Yes to the Amazing in 2018 – with Natalie Ard

Natalie Ard is an author, artist, game & toy developer, and successful “mompreneur.” Paul and Natalie discuss Natalie’s purpose driven story as it reveals her passion to inspire children and spark their curiosity and creativity. She has developed products like...
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GZS 063: Taking Action During the Transitions in Your Life – with Ken Davis

This special episode includes the audio from my recent guest visit on episode #125 of Ken's Davis' podcast, The Art and Business of Public Speaking.  Ken was an guest on The God Zone Show in episode #55, How to be Fully Alive and Communicate Effectively.  Our...
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GZS 062: What to Say When You Don’t Know How to Pray – with Adam Weber

Adam Weber is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and pastor. Adam’s high energy passion is expressed in his work as lead pastor of the 6 campus, fast growing Embrace church centered in Sioux Falls, SD and his new book Talking with God: What to Say When You Don’t...
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GZS 061: What Happens When You Eat God’s Food? – with Gayle Jones

Dr Gayle Jones is health professional, author, international speaker & trainer. Dr Gayle’s passion can be seen in her book Prosper and Be in Health: Gems for Wellness and Attraction and through her efforts delivering high impact health wisdom and promotion,...
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GZS 060: Your Amazing 48 Days to the Work You Love – with Dan Miller

Dan Miller is a widely acclaimed author, speaker, video host, podcaster, and life and business coach. Dan’s passion and great Godly wisdom can be experienced many ways including his book, courses, and internet radio podcast called 48 Days to the Work You Love. This...
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