GZS 063: Taking Action During the Transitions in Your Life – with Ken Davis

This special episode includes the audio from my recent guest visit on episode #125 of Ken's Davis' podcast, The Art and Business of Public Speaking.  Ken was an guest on The God Zone Show in episode #55, How to be Fully Alive and Communicate Effectively.  Our...
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GZS 062: What to Say When You Don’t Know How to Pray – with Adam Weber

Adam Weber is an author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, and pastor. Adam’s high energy passion is expressed in his work as lead pastor of the 6 campus, fast growing Embrace church centered in Sioux Falls, SD and his new book Talking with God: What to Say When You Don’t...
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GZS 061: What Happens When You Eat God’s Food? – with Gayle Jones

Dr Gayle Jones is health professional, author, international speaker & trainer. Dr Gayle’s passion can be seen in her book Prosper and Be in Health: Gems for Wellness and Attraction and through her efforts delivering high impact health wisdom and promotion,...
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GZS 060: Your Amazing 48 Days to the Work You Love – with Dan Miller

Dan Miller is a widely acclaimed author, speaker, video host, podcaster, and life and business coach. Dan’s passion and great Godly wisdom can be experienced many ways including his book, courses, and internet radio podcast called 48 Days to the Work You Love. This...
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GZS 059: Where is the Healing for the Curse in the Church? – with Anna M. Aquino

Anna M. Aquino is a writer, author, blogger, video show host, motivational speaker, and ministry leader. Anna’s passion for unity and empowerment can be experienced through her Real Solutions YouTube video series and her over 20 books including Cursing the Church or...
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GZS 058: Are You Missing the Great Growth Theory? – with Jeff McManus

Jeff McManus is the award winning director of Landscape Services for the University of Mississippi Paul and Jeff’s discuss Jeff’s passion to been to develop a dedicated, thoughtful, and inspiring work force and he has penned the story and principles of that journey in...
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GZS 057: When Was Your Last Conversation with God? – with Tania Harris

Tania Harris is an author, pastor, podcaster, and international speaker. Paul and Tania’s discuss Tania's passion as experienced in her new book God Conversations: Stories of How God Speaks and What Happens When We Listen and through her monthly podcast by the same...
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GZS 056: What Happens When You Let God Be God? – with Matthew Brough

Matthew Brough is an author, pastor, podcaster, and speaker. Paul and Matthew discuss Matthew’s passion in spiritual health training and developing resources which can be experienced through his Let God series of books and his new Spirituality for Normal People...
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GZS 055: How to be Fully Alive and Communicate Effectively? – with Ken Davis

Ken Davis is an highly sought after motivational speaker & trainer, author, broadcaster, podcaster, and hilariously serious funny guy, Paul and Ken discuss Ken’s passion that business and ministry professionals have experienced at his entertaining and value packed...
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GZS 054: Where is the Power of the Cross in Your Life? – with Phil Mershon

Phil Mershon is a professional musician, worship leader, songwriter, pastor, and podcaster.  Additionally, he serves the events director for the ever so well known Social Media Examiner - perhaps the world’s largest social media marketing resource. Paul and Phil...
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