Bob BrooksBob Brooks spent 37 years in law enforcement, 13 years of those as the elected Sheriff of Ventura County CA. (a very big county where I live and its just West of LA and extends all the way to the ocean)   Bob is currently an university professor of Ethics and Homeland Security.  Bob’s wonderfully useful book Declarations: Living and Leading Above Your Circumstances has influenced many including me.  Bob is also a minister and for the past 13 years with his wife Debbie, they have been leading medical mission teams into other countries.

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day


Continually Ask, Survey, and Quiz your clients, fans, followers to get in step with their wants, needs, and inspiration that will keep them attracted your influence.  This is so often missed in busienss, church, community, and family life.



Conversation with Bob Brooks

Key Points: Six points of Honor

  • Trustworthiness
  • Teamwork
  • Service
  • Justice
  • Courage
  • Compassion

Establish your own points of honor and use surveys an quizzes to “Ask”  no matter who you are trying to influence and lead be it in business, ministry, community, or family

Make Declarations to create a road-map for your life and give you a moral compass. His book presents 11 declarations for successful living. Live Declarations not Circumstances.

Bob’s Parting Words: “Understanding that Leads to Wisdom that Leads to Action” As in Hebrews 11:6 – Diligently Seek God (e.g. no half way efforts)

Resources Mnetioned

Ask  – by Ryan Levesque

Declarations: Living and Leading Above Your Circumstances  by  Bob Brooks

Bob Recommended

Good to Great in God’s Eyes by Chip Ingram



Joni and Friends – Wheels for the World

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