Today’s question comes from Dick who asks, “How does one live as 1 John 2:6 commands?” Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did.  In the Tip-of-the-Day segment, you are called to action as Paul suggests that you Get DIKW at 1.5 Speed.

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day

Get DIKW at 1.5 Speed  

Get Data, Information, Knowledge, that leads to Wisdom at 1.5 speed by listening to great podcasts at 1.5X or even 2X speed

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Listin to these podcasts to get DIKW

The Ray Edwards Show – Helping you Prosper with Purpose

Build Your Tribe – Creating Community with Chalene Johnson

Michael Hyatt – This is Your Life

Question from Dick Ramsey answered on today’s show

How does one live as 1 John 2:6 commands?

 Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did

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