Today’s question comes from Bob Stuart who asks, Do Christians and skeptics realize how powerful the best evidence we have from science supports the claim that the universe that God spoken to existence is the one that science is once again assuring and offering?

In the Tip-of-the-Day segment, you are called to action as Paul suggests that you Tell the Amazing and Sheila Tells the Amazing as an example to us all.  Visit and ask a question to be played and answered on a Q&A episode..

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day

  • Tell the Amazing

Tell an amazing story to someone today about what God has done in your life. Here’s how –with God’s guidance, figure out who needs to hear an amazing story today.  you have one, I know you do, and you can tell it to somebody today

As an example of this, Sheila, our Shofar lady and my wife tells you one of her God’s miracle stories that see experienced recently.  She told this inspiring story to a number of people and it had great influence.  I use this to set the example for you as your seek today to Tell the Amazing – your amazing story which will have great influence.

Question from Bob Stuart answered on today’s show

The discovery announced earlier this year by Cal Tech of the discovery of Gravity Waves as predicted over 100 years ago by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity points to a beginning and a beginner and give evidence as claimed in Genesis 1 of a beginning to the universe.  Do Christians and skeptics alike realize how powerful this is for substantiating the claim that the universe that God spoken to existence is the one that science is once again assuring and offering?

Christians need not be fearful of the excellence and the discoveries in science but instead they should realize that they can use those discoveries as they reach out to skeptics and seekers as they inform them of the evidence that supports a reason to believe.

People don’t generally come to belief by debating them about science or pounding them with a lot of facts about how science points to the God of the Bible because people typically come to believe because of discovering Jesus who is then began liking him and then trusting him many times in combination with having some experience supernaturally either with a miraculous event or having seen the love of God in practical ways through others – this draws them into community then brings them into a starting relationship with God that eventually leads to them trusting in God.

However, if a  person knows that there is this harmony between the best we have from science and the Bible, that can help shore up their experiences so that they can explain to them shelves and others their reason for believing.

I think it is important for Christians to understand that as each month goes by science is always discovering new reasons to believe that can complement one’s personal testimony.

I recommend that as you want to be an influencer, a difference maker, a discipler of man, you should want to understand something about the best we have from science.

Psalms 19 says,  The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

So in that verse God is telling us there is a revelation in his creation to us so we have nothing to fear from science but instead there is reason to be excited about the discoveries because they confidently point us to the God of the Bible, week by week as new discoveries are revealed.

Go to where you can learn more about this science faith harmony and track each month the new discoveries that continue to point the God of the bible.

Make sure to hear next Monday’s episode 7 with another scientist from Reason to Believe as I talk with Dr. Fuzz Rana about his God Zone journey which he calls From the Lab to God.

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