fuz_rana_1Paul interviews Dr. Fuz Rana, biochemist, noted author, and vice president at Reason to Believe, a Science-Faith think tank. Dr. Rana shares a very interesting back story of how he came to faith as well as his work in science revealing evidence we can all use in helping ourselves and others discover God. In the Tip-of-the-Day segment, you are called to action as Paul suggests that you Notice how Creation points to God, so that is will give you a new reason to believe.  Visit GodZoneShow.com and get the new FREE colorful infographic 10 God Zone Elements, Declarations, and Habits for Power Filled Living

Fuz Rana is Vice president of research and apologetics at the very influential Reasons to Believe organization.

He regularly speaks on TV, radio, and Internet resources, and at debates, conferences, universities, and churches all across the world, and very convincingly introduces skeptics and believers to the powerful scientific case for God’s existence and the reliability of the Bible.

He holds a PhD in bio-chemistry and has authored many resources including Creating Life in the Lab, The Cells Design, and Origins of Life.

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day

Notice how Creation points to God!, Do this in a new way that gives you a new reason to believe to share with others.

Interview with Fuz Rana

Key Points Discussed

  • Scientific Controversy in the Christian Community
  • Fuz’s back Story of Finding God in the Lab
  • Testable Models of Creation vs Evolution
  • Science Helps You Introduce others to God
  • Latest Scientific Reasons Supporting Belief in God

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Creating Life in the Lab

The Cell’s Design

Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off

Who Was Adam: A Creation Model to the Origin of Man

Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth Dinosaur Blood

Fuz’s Recommended Resource



My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers


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