Jeffrey NewmanPaul interviews Pastor Jeff Newman as they discuss his God Isn’t Fixing This resources and post Christian living and bold Ready, Fire, Aim approaches to life.  In the Tip-of-the-Day segment, you are called to action as Paul suggests that you Don’t Ask for Permission, Ask for Forgiveness.  Visit and get the new FREE colorful infographic 10 God Zone Elements, Declarations, and Habits for Power Filled Living.

Jeff Newman has been the Sr. Pastor of the Austin TX Vineyard Church for over 26 years. Pastor Jeff’s journey with God has been one of leadership influence, community service, and international mentorship.  Jeff is my brother-in-law and I see him both inside and outside the family as he guides many including me with calls to action to take our journey with God to the next level. In today’s show you’ll discover some take-aways you can use to blast your journey in the God Zone to the next level.

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day

Don’t’ Ask for Permission, Ask for Forgiveness

Conversation with Jeff Newman

Key Points Discussed

  • From Teen Rocker to Senior Pastor
  • Ready, Fire, Fire approach to getting this done
  • God Isn’t Fixing This – Post Christian Living
  1. Don’t defile yourself
  2. Let people know that you are a follower of Jesus
  3. Have a regular devotional time
  4. Obey God and leave the rest to Him
  • The Ultimate World Problem – Pride
  • How to be involved with international initiatives for God

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Episode

God Isn’t’ Fixing ThisJeff’s 4 part video series starting Jan 31, 2016

The Alpha Course

The Myth of the Christian Nation by Greg Boyd  

Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?  by Rick Warren

Jeff’s Recommended Resource

Beauty Will Save the World  by Brian Sahnd



Connect with Jeff

Austin Vineyard

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