I answer this question that listeners ask about part of the opening phase – Receive Amazing Wisdom, Life with Inspired Purpose, and Prosper through Trouble. Is it just a promotion phase and what is the true application of this declaration? I take a deeper dive this phase as I show you how to apply it to your life today. Visit the GodZoneShow.com and use the SpeakPipe to ask a question to be played and answered on a Q&A episode.

Sheila’s Shofar – Today’s Call to Action – Tip of the Day

  • Today, I’ve combined the Tip of the Day, Call to Action segment with our Q&A segment through an interview with Sheila to deliver wisdom that leads to action.

Question Often Asked about the God Zone Show

  • You open the show by saying “receive amazing wisdom”, so people often ask How can I receive amazing wisdom? What am you suppose to do?

When I say” receive amazing wisdom” I’m actually referring to five of the elements of my 10 element God zone model I create.    Each of those five elements I have found are pipelines for you and me to Receive Amazing Wisdom.

5 God Zone Model Elements of Receiving Amazing Wisdom   

  1. Gods’ Word
  2. God’s Creation
  3. God’s Voice
  4. God’s Presence
  5. God’s Community

I want to point out is that when I received say receive amazing wisdom, I’m not implying that you can receive amazing wisdom because I’m so wise or that I’m somehow imparting this amazing wisdom to you all the time.  You see, I’m on a journey discovering wisdom as well. And that the wisdom that you’re going to receive on the  GZS comes to you with God’s guidance as you process the data, information, and knowledge that you might glean from this show through me and through the guests that I interview and the resources I offer. So I’ve constructed the God Zone model to help me do this.

Links to Resources Mentioned in this Episode

chart-3D-4-landing10 God Zone Elements, Declarations, & Daily Habits for Power Filled Living  New, colorful, infographic chart that shows you the 10 elements of the God zone model, gives you 10 biblical declarations associated with each of those elements, and encourages you with 10 habits that you can start doing today daily habits to help keeping you in the God zone.



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